Friday, October 3, 2014

Peacock Inspired

One of my favorite birds is the peacock. When I was a child, my Aunt & Uncle owned a farm and on the farm...Peacocks! Well, there were cows and pigs and chickens too, but I was in love with the peacocks. Every time we visited, we would leave with a big bouquet of feathers, which we would use to decorate our house. I have noticed the explosion of peacock influenced fashion design! It's not surprising that what is trending in the fashion world often influences what we wear and how we feel. Deep turquoises, Teals, Greens & Chartreuse are being seen everywhere. I love the pop of color!  Dare to be seen in one of these stunning and unique dresses.  We have them now in stock at Blush Boutique or shop with us online at

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